Limiting Screentime with DinnerTime Plus [Review]

Mattias Ahlvin

Mattias Ahlvin

Mattias is a techy/geeky guy that loves everything about technology, During the day, he works in the telecom industry and if any free time presents itself at night, you will often find him catching up on the latest tech news, blogging about some new cool app, reading an interesting book or authoring the next sci-fi hit.

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  • John Addison

    Dinner Time is a fine app, okay; but whats the real purpose? Only limiting screen time and thats all. I came across this app when I was researching parental apps to install on my sons phone. I rather like the concept of FamilyTime app. It lets me track call logs, web browsing, bookmarking etc. In addition to this, FamilyTime has allowed me to locate my child’s position on the go!

    • Mattias

      John, yes I agree with you, the purpose of Dinner Time is limiting screen time. Keep in mind, in some cases, thats all a parent might need.. From my perspective, with two small kids that are not old enough yet to have phones much less take them with them to their friends and such, Dinner Time is all the device monitoring I need and its perfect for limiting the amount of time they spend using tablets for games and such. On the other hand, I can see in a few years from now when they are old enough to have their own phones that an app like FamilyTime is a must. The location feature is one that I also have found very appealing as well although, as I alluded to above, its of no use to me with my own kids yet. I am working on a review of FamilyTime so do stay tuned for my thoughts on it in the next week or so.